How To Setup The Perfect 50th Birthday Party

It’s not every day that you get to celebrate your birthday, and it’s not every day that you turn 50! So I personally believe that birthdays are meant to be celebrate with friends and family. You may feel a bit stressed thinking you don’t exactly have the budget to pull it off. Fear not! We have come up with the perfect tips for you to arrange an amazing birthday party.

    • You don’t always have to go for a grand reception hall, check out if your local community center or your church has a party room. Of course, many of them re not free but the fee is not quite high as you expect. But of course, of you can ask your church father or the council people if you could have that room for a few hours in exchange to something, I am sure you can get it done easily.
        • Next are your 50th birthday party invitations. You need to first have a list of the guests you plan on inviting. You don’t have to have this card designed by a company or something, you could have it homemade and handwritten (or printed if the list is too long), to make the celebration feel more special.
          As for ideas on designing your card, you could always search for them online. You know how they have memorial card templates online? Likewise, you will be able to find templates for birthday invitations as well. Find the one that you think would look the best, and go for it.

            • Many of you parties are mostly about music. And if you can’t exactly afford a band or a DJ, don’t worry! Music can easily be found today, all you need is a smart phone / music player and a speaker. You can have songs that you already have in your library playing or stream music online. But at the same time, there are those who loves to talk and enjoy each other’s conversations better, for such parties you won’t really need music.
                • If you are thinking of decorations, I’m getting to it. You could keep the party simple and elegant by having only flower arrangements, of course if you don’t think you can afford real flowers, you could always go for the fake ones at a craft shop. They don’t really look fake, and it can actually bring out a sophisticated look to your event.

No matter if you are having it at your backyard or at a grand hotel, a party is all about friends and family getting together and enjoying some quality time with each other in celebration. So don’t worry too much. You will have an amazing birthday.

07. May 2018 by Nicodemo Endrizzi
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